Westward expansion and the american dream

The California Gold Rush and the building of the Transcontinental Railroad brought the first great waves of emigration from Asia to America. He declared that the current desire for Cuba and the other acquired territories was identical to the views expressed by Washington, Jefferson and Marshall.

In one memorable case, Quitman simply explained that the state of Mississippi had "lost" its state arsenal, which began showing up in the hands of filibusters. Success is another large part of the American Dream and was only achieved through the determination of the expansionists.

In fact in March,Alexander Fancher led a wagon trail that included 50 men, 40 women and 50 children. During the Period of Westward Expansion people from all over the United States came to settle in its new un-trodden lands to search for riches, and to take advantage of the opportunity it offered.

Read more about the Indian Removal Act. The cotton crop in was more than 3. The Mountain Meadows Massacre: The doctrine was authored mainly by John Quincy Adams, who saw it as an official moral objection to and opposition of colonialism.

Technology during that clip high spots inventiveness. This era, from the end of the War of to the beginning of the American Civil Warhas been called the "age of manifest destiny". Many of the people achieved success by raising households.

America has developed a national individuality which is the American Dream. Read more about Davy Crockett. In tunnel mining, miners dug long tunnels into the sides of mountains cutting into gold veins and then extracting large quantities of gold.

Accessed 8 April Success is another big portion of the American Dream and was merely achieved through the finding of the expansionists. The result of the Anglo-Texans movement into Texas was a flourishing Texan economy that based itself mainly on the cotton industry set up by the emigrants.

Manifest destiny

It took place in North America and involved many Native American people. The event itself best displays the quality of opportunity. Manifest Destiny was based on the belief of cultural and racial superiority over other nations and the obligation to bring enlightenment and civilization to other races like the Native American Indians.

The potential of the new resources and the massive areas of land were waiting for American settlers to discover, some land was almost free.

Westward Expansion

Davy Crockett was a famous Tennessee outdoorsman who also served many political offices in North America. Four trails provided their primary pathways: Like the All Oregon movement, the All Mexico movement quickly abated.

The British, however, saw little value in another war with its former colonies in order to protect the interest of the Hudson Bay Company along the Pacific Coast. The Anglo-Texans also, like the 49ers, helped America carry out its American Dream by increasing the success of its fairly new economy.

Unlike these other famous duos, however, Cope and Marsh hated each other with a passion. Whigs presidents Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore tried to suppress the expeditions. The Oregon Territory was the name given to the area that became the state of Oregon.

Westward Expansion and the American Dream Essay Sample

Their race for preeminence sometimes caused the two paleontologists to give different names to the same species and announce discoveries of new animals without having adequate evidence.

This paved the way for the outbreak of the Mexican—American War on April 24, Although the doctrine was largely ignored—the U. This technological advancement proves to highlight American ingenuity because the people who created this concept identified a major issue with westward travel and fixed it with a new innovative approach.

Missouri Compromise and the Kansas-Nebraska Act When the slaveholding territory of Missouri applied for statehood init led to a confrontation between those who favored the expansion of slavery and those who opposed it. The extinct animals that Cope and Marsh introduced to science include many dinosaurs commonly known today, such as Triceratops, Allosaurus, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, and Stegosaurus.

Westward Expansion and Native Americans.

Westward Expansion and the American Dream Sample Essay

STUDY. PLAY. shaped much of American history and the American dream of hard work for many caused conflict over which states should be slave states or free states.

-doubled the size of the united states - westward expansionism. American Dream Western Expansion Westward expansion was Americas "manifest destiny" to expand the country westward to the pacific ocean and to Mexico.

Westward Expansion and the idea of manifest destiny is an early example of the American Dream.

Westward Expansion

Americans moved west and claimed land so they could live better, richer, and fuller lives. To explain the economic, political, racial, and religious roots of Manifest Destiny and analyze how the concept influenced the nation’s westward expansion. 2. To understand the motivations and expectations of Americans who settled in the West.

The journey west to America’s newly gained territory of Oregon is an important event during Westward Expansion that highlights the American Dream.

The expansion into the Oregon territory during the period highlights the characteristics of the American Dream; opportunity, success, and determination.

Prior to the war, many settlers in Ohio, the Indiana Territory, and the Illinois Territory had been threatened by Indian raids; following the war, the tribes were either restricted to ever-shrinking tribal lands or pushed further west, opening new lands for the United States’ westward expansion.

Dec 17,  · To Jefferson, westward expansion was the key to the nation’s health: He believed that a republic depended on an independent, virtuous citizenry .

Westward expansion and the american dream
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