West africa and the americas compare

Flint was considerably more available there and made the use of microliths in hunting far easier. Another important difference between Latin America and the United States involved conceptions of race. Whereas the Portuguese were defending slavery on the basis of the need for labor, the French justified it on racial grounds.

The divide between Caucasian and African American races was obvious in both physical differences and hierarchal standing. South Africa is the home to many great tribes, the stone city of Great Zimbabwe and the eventual settlement by the Dutch and English who exploited the region for its natural resources.

Easy access to slaves coupled with soaring profits from cash crops created a situation in which the slave population of Haiti vastly outnumbered free colonists. Since most of the plants grew in the forest, the Niger—Congo speakers invented polished stone axes for clearing forest.

The Malayo-Polynesians, however, remained the dominant group until the Spanish arrived in the 16th century.

6a. West African Society at the Point of European Contact

In practice, neither the Church nor the courts offered much protection to Latin American slaves. The construction of the stone monuments shows evidence of a prosperous and organised society based on the amount of labour required to build such structures.

African art was primarily religious, and each community had artisans skilled at producing works that would please the tribal gods.

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Under the leadership of Sunni Ali r. It depends on both the level of fertility and the age structure of the population.

The site is believed to exceed 33 hectares 82 acres ; however this is yet to be confirmed with extensive survey work. Still, the black population outnumbered the Spanish settlers in the colony. Even though these societies were separated from each other, they still managed to be great and complex civilizations.

The wealth of the states came from controlling the trade routes across the desert. Advantages include the fact that north is "up" and that meridians lines of longitude are equally spaced vertical lines.

Although primarily agricultural, West Africans held many occupations. Dozens of racial categories were defined in these casta paintings. Compare and contrast the societies of West Africa, Europe, and the Americas at the time when Christopher Columbus made his first voyage to America in 1 Answer - Posted in topics: europe, africa, first, america, contrast, different - Answer: You are talking about three continents, almost half the.

The complex civilizations that existed in West Africa and the Americas prior to European civilization had similarities as well as differences in how they ran their civilizations - West Africa and the Americas Compare and Contrast introduction.

These regions had some of the same religious characteristics. The life expectancy at birth in South Africa is while in The United States it is This entry contains the average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year, if mortality at each age remains constant in the future.

The History of people on the African continent is fascinating and our understanding of it is growing dramatically. African history, like Africa, is best understood by diviiding Africa. Slavery and Slave Trade in West Africa, Patrick Manning.

Slavery and slave trade, brought to the Americas via the Portuguese asiento. For the third center of African population in the Americas, Brazil, the slaves came from Central Africa rather than West Africa. From Portuguese merchants had taken.

West africa and the americas compare
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Compare The United States To South Africa