The most dangerous job in america

From the relatively exotic to the seemingly mundane, certain occupations carry an underlying danger that can reach up to fatalities perworkers. Conduct environment and enclosure safety checks.

Still in second place, but with fewer deaths. In fact, a lot of workers have to take time off or leave their jobs altogether in order to cope with their conditions. Install or repair cables or wires used in electrical power or distribution systems. Next Think your job is a killer. Coast Guard photo illustrates how fishing crew fatigue caused the Defiant fishing vessel to run aground.

So they are exposed to all of the same hazards, which can be deadly under certain circumstances.

The Most Dangerous JOB in America: Healthcare

So, according to the best available stats fromthe following occupational areas have the highest rates of non-fatal injuries and illnesses. Miners and mining foremen The majority of jobs on this list require frequent use of heavy equipment, close proximity to hazardous substances, or working in potentially dangerous environments.

A gondola mechanic at a ski resort in Vermont recently died after falling 13 feet onto a cement platform while working alone.

The 22 deaths and 0. That's why, when it comes to dangerous jobs, death isn't the only potential outcome worth investigating. Many see it as an affront to a way of life in which skills are passed down from generation to generation. The emotional issues surrounding pregnancy, new babies, parenting and estranged parents lend themselves to disruption, disagreement, and violence.

These occupations were not even in the Top 10 for Pilot and navigate the flight of fixed-wing, multi-engine aircraft, usually on scheduled air carrier routes, for the transport of passengers and cargo.

Law enforcement certainly has the figures to support the presumption of danger, as police and sheriff's patrol officers lost their lives on the job ina 40 percent increase over People who sustain non-fatal injuries or contract diseases as a result of their occupations actually have to live with those conditions, which can be both costly and unpleasant.

The milling machinery is dangerous as well.

The 34 most dangerous jobs in America

Farms are especially dangerous for children. Industrial truck and tractor operators What they do: Workplace violence against healthcare workers is rampant.

Electrocution is a real hazard for electricians. A roofer I know was injured not only from tripping and falling, but also by the dreaded second and third degree burns from hot asphalt that are an occupational hazard.

In alone, there were 31 fatal injuries with an incredible 6, non-fatal injuries.

25 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Many of those injuries last a lifetime, driving up disability rates among rural Americans, who are 50 percent more likely to have some form of disability than their urban counterparts.

Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors Who knew that the garbage man picking up the trash once a week was taking his life into his own hands. It is difficult to know what this occupational designation actually includes; it may include migrant workers and undocumented workers as well new documented immigrants and general farm laborers and casual employees paid in cash for short-term work.

So did the Fair Labor Standards Act, which regulates wages and hours and restricts the use of child labor. Coal Mining Tribute Statue in Shawnee, Ohio This worker is positioned to pick coal ore from the low ceiling of a coal mine tunnel.

If they survive and stay healthy, they are truly lucky. Use mechanized equipment or hand tools to cut down trees. Logging Workers Infatalities for logging workers occurred at a rate of Drug addiction and alcohol abuse, self-loathing and more are common among his victims.

Read Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser for an eye-opening account of the repeated injury and exploitation of one such worker. The statistics are beginning to match the workers' opinions.

The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in America

And most workers lack good training or even basic protective gear. As a result, they can sustain a variety of physical injuries, including fatal ones. Truck drivers and other commercial drivers. Source Background on Commercial Fishing Fatalities The Alaskan fishing and shell-fishing industry experienced deaths peremployees in the s.

You can probably guess what the least dangerous jobs in America are. Accountants, mathematicians and web developers have little to worry about — beyond carpal tunnel syndrome and bad office.

labor Workplace Fatalities: 25 Most Dangerous Jobs in America For some occupations, putting oneself in harm’s way is an explicit part of the job description. January 9, Samuel Stebbins, Evan Comen and Charles Stockdale, 24/7 Wall Street USA Today. Jan 15,  · Last year’s most dangerous job was fishing, which slides to the number two spot.

And while most of the list is represented by blue collar positions, pilot and flight engineer — also the highest paying occupation on the list — comes in at number three.

The Most Dangerous Jobs: Work That Might Kill You, Maim You, or Make You Sick. Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world are in America.

(Yep, the Grim Reaper is no stranger to many of the nation's workers.).

Feds to probe the 'Most Dangerous Job in America'

America's 10 Deadliest Jobs The Bureau of Labor Statistics' National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries shows that there were a total of 4, fatal injuries on the job in the U.S.

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The most dangerous jobs in America

Forbes. Aug 20,  · Maybe it’s because men work in more hazardous jobs or maybe it’s because they’re daredevils or just plain stupid risk-takers, but the fatality rate from workplace injuries is more than nine times higher for men than for women: perfor men, compared with perfor .

The most dangerous job in america
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#3 - Aircraft pilots and flight engineers | The most dangerous jobs in America | Deseret News