Integrated marketing and the many factors

A number of empirical studies, carried out in the early s, found that the new IMC was far from a "short-lived managerial fad," but rather was a very clear reaction by advertisers and marketers to the changing external environment.

Their pull causes wholesalers and retailers to buy the product to try to meet their demand.

The Importance of Integrated Marketing Communications

Individualisation[ edit ] Compared with the traditional media where the same information is received by all consumers, Internet media can send information "tailored" to the need of a specific consumer.

Type of product and type of purchase decision. A disadvantage is that call centres are usually used to handle outbound and inbound telemarketing, which need to be implemented, managed and financed.

The top-rated television shows and Super Bowl ad slots, for example, often sell out quickly. Stage in the product life cycle. Amongst practitioners and scholars, there was an increasing recognition that new approaches to marketing communications were required. This allows companies to take advantage of mass customisation to sell products or reinforce their brand equity in suitable target groups.

Has this ever happened to you. How People Make Buying Decisions". Moreover, personal responses of customers will be collected by corporations and their individual demands will be met according to their desires. By repeating the headlines, key phrases and images in each communication, you ensure that prospects and customers receive consistent messages each time they see one of the elements of the campaign.

Communication platforms[ edit ] Communication platforms like Skype, Facebook or other types of media have become extremely important means of communication.

Integrated Marketing and the Many Factors

Organizations must also plan their promotions based on availability of media. Understand different types of promotion objectives. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

In other words, researchers were attempting to codify practices that had been used for some time. Businesses also advertise on mobile devices and social media such as Facebook, blogs, and Twitter.

What age group is driving the change. That new approach would become known as integrated marketing communications. New media and the use of databases were enabling marketers to communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis.

Inbound telemarketing is where people call the organization to complain or inquire about products. Very technical products and very expensive products high involvement often need professional selling so the customer understands how the product operates and its different features.

However, a record number of The technological advancement is so fast that people are greatly and deeply influenced by the wave of planned obsolescence. Once companies have developed products and services, they must communicate the value and benefits of the offerings to current and potential customers in both business-to-business B2B and business-to-consumer B2C markets.

Such advertisements in smaller typeface and are black and white. Communication has changed from one direction with companies in control of their message to a dialogue where businesses interact with consumer feedback. As an ecommerce business, JD. Factors such as poor reception, poor print quality, problems with a server, or a low battery can interfere with your getting messages.

Modern marketing concept is also founded on the consumer satisfaction. Products in the introductory stages typically need a lot more promotional dollars to create awareness in the marketplace.

The typical media that organizations utilize for advertising of course include television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, direct mail, and radio.

Marketing communications

Interference includes any distractions receivers and senders face during the transmission of a message. Aspects such as size, colour and style can be used to increase effectiveness relative to other print advertisements, which is important as despite being a basic media communication channel, print is the second largest medium after television Ang, There are two types of telemarketing:.

Marketing: Concept, Features and Factors

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) provide an approach designed to deliver one consistent message to buyers through an organization’s promotions that may span all different types of media such as TV, radio, magazines, the Internet, mobile phones, professional selling, and social media.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) tools in the banking service and 2) to investigate the factors that influence customers to make use the service provided by bank customer service. Integrated marketing communications success factors The characteristics of integrated marketing communications have been summarised by Pickton and Broderick as the 4 Cs of: Coherence – different communications are logically connected.

Integrated marketing communication Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is an approach to brand communications where the different modes work together to create a seamless experience for the customer and are presented with a similar tone and style that reinforces the brand’s core message.

Integrated marketing communications success factors The characteristics of integrated marketing communications have been summarised by Pickton and Broderick as the 4 Cs of: Coherence – different communications are logically connected. Integrated marketing communications.

Integrated Marketing and the Many Factors

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is the use of marketing strategies to optimise the communication of a consistent message of the company's brands to stakeholders.

Integrated marketing and the many factors
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Integrated Marketing and the Many Factors - Research Paper