An analysis of the topic of the polygamy in the united states of america

Every state outlawed polygamy, and Congress extended that prohibition to the Territories, including the Utah territory, where the Latter-Day Saints were practicing polygamy. It didn't win, but I was flattered anyway. An exceptional colony of polygamists under and exceptional leadership may sometimes exist for a time without appearing to disturb the social condition of the people who surround it; but there cannot be a doubt that, unless restricted by some form of constitution, it is within the legitimate scope of the power of every civil government to determine whether polygamy or monogamy shall be the law of social life under its dominion.

For many who practiced it, plural marriage was a significant sacrifice. Where the family lived—whether in Salt Lake City, with its multiple social and cultural opportunities, or the rural hinterlands, where such opportunities were fewer in number—made a difference in how plural marriage was experienced.

Here you have one man who has one family with four subparts and who holds all the power. I was specifically asked to address the civil rights implications of such legislation for the American Muslim community.

Regardless of whether an American Muslim subscribes to a liberal or conservative viewpoint of polygamy, as noted above, they are religiously prohibited from engaging in polygamous relationships because it is illegal in the United States to do so.

For their part, many Latter-day Saint women publicly defended the practice of plural marriage, arguing in statements that they were willing participants.

How do I know.

Should polygamy be made legal in the United States - Essay Example

The religion also helped him to overcome his shyness and fear of public speaking It is worth noting that observance of Sharia is typically a private and personal matter for observant Muslims. Nahum, lanky and diverticular, lecturing his cacophony speeches, blew moderately.

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Although the Transcontinental Railroad did not pass directly through Salt Lake City, it benefitted the Mormon economy.

Polygamy In America

Typically, he spends his evening with the family he chooses. For instance, volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating money to the local food bank is observance of Sharia. The topic -- shrouded in misunderstanding -- necessitates brief discussion and clarification.

The conservative viewpoint on the subject is that polygamy is permitted but frowned upon. It was quite an interesting experience indeed. Polygamy was not only practiced without restriction by the pagan Arabs who inhabited the Arabian peninsula at the time, but also by adherents in other faith communities as well.

An analysis of the topic of the polygamy in the united states of america

Probably half of those living in Utah Territory in experienced life in a polygamous family as a husband, wife, or child at some time during their lives. Forty Years among the Mormons Urbana: Berg,62— Green, as applicable only in the State of Utah. When practiced in a community, it leads to the necessity of each man looking to younger and younger women, and the abandonment of some of the boys to make the odds work for the men.

Two men were arrested for obstructing the raid but were later released. The United States, as such, bans polygamy (Zeitzen ).

Polygamy In America

In my opinion, it should remain to be so. The success of polygamy depends on the culture which hosts it.

Polygamy Essays (Examples)

Polygamy in the United States Words | 11 Pages Polygamy is the practice of having multiple spouses at one time, and has been considered a controversial social and legal topic in society, gaining attention as a subject in which multiple opinions are held.

Polyamory, polygamy, or whatever you want to call it, increases the number of naked bodies you're legitimately going to be allowed to see and touch, whatever your sex or sexual orientation.

POLYGAMY, BIGAMY AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW. CHAP POLYGAMY, BIGAMY AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW This book was printed in the United States of America. To order additional copies of this book, contact: Xlibris Corporation The literature surrounding the topic of plural marriage is very diverse.

Much literature is concerned with moral or religious is. The essay required the student to discuss communities discussing polygamy in the united states and the position of the law that prohibits the practice.

Oct 17,  · As with most town halls, a robust Q and A ensued and I was asked about the Islamic practice of polygamy within the American Muslim community. The topic -- shrouded in misunderstanding.

An analysis of the topic of the polygamy in the united states of america
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Plural Marriage and Families in Early Utah