An analysis of the topic of the french and indian war in 1763 of the american people

The Cherokee, Catawabas, Creeks, Choctaws and Chickasaws inhabited the mountainous region in between the two powers and attempted to maintain their autonomy by trading with both nations.

By the middle of the 18th century, the small cabins of Virginians were to be found even to the west of the Appalachians on the upper reaches of such waterways as the New and Holston rivers.

The French and Indian War

He left a sizable force at Fort William Henry to distract Montcalm and began organizing for the expedition to Quebec. They viewed the economic value of the Caribbean islands' sugar cane to be greater and easier to defend than the furs from the continent.

Each student in the pairing will focus on half of the document, which can be assigned by the teacher or selected by the students. There had already been a King George's War in the s during the reign of King George IIso British colonists named this conflict after their opponents, and it became known as the French and Indian War.

They succeeded in capturing territory in surrounding colonies and ultimately the city of Quebec This migration also caused a rise in tensions between the Choctaw and the Creek, historic enemies who were now competing for land. The British resettled many Acadians throughout its North American provinces, but many went to France, and some went to New Orleans, which they had expected to remain French.

Montcalm trying to stop allied Indians from the massacre of colonial soldiers and civilians as they leave after the Battle of Fort William Henry. The British offered France the choice of surrendering either its continental North American possessions east of the Mississippi or the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martiniquewhich had been occupied by the British.

The French and Indian War

Lawrence with a powerful fleet to prevent further reinforcement of French troops from arriving in Canada. He intensely disliked the French whom he accused of killing and eating his father. The government of Virginia appealed to London for assistance.

The traders, regarded as trespassers on French lands, were ordered to retreat to the eastern slopes of the Appalachians. Lawrence and Mississippi watersheds, did business with local Indian tribes, and often married Indian women. Spain had ceded Florida to Britain in exchange for the return of HavanaCuba.

That move was followed by the capture or killing of every English-speaking trader that the French and their Indian allies could find in the upper Ohio Valley. Discuss with the students the importance of critically analyzing the specific words and sentiments expressed directly in the document.

The only clashes of any size were at Petitcodiac in and at Bloody Creek near Annapolis Royal inother than the campaigns to expel the Acadians ranging around the Bay of Fundyon the Petitcodiac and St. The French and Indian War was a guerrilla war of small skirmishes and surprise attacks.

Although Washington had been reinforced with militia troops from Virginia and a company of regular British infantry from North Carolina, the combined French and Indian force outnumbered the defenders roughly two to one.

All of these small agitations set the stage for the French and Indian War to explode. Abercrombie saved something from the disaster when he sent John Bradstreet on an expedition that successfully destroyed Fort Frontenacincluding caches of supplies destined for New France's western forts and furs destined for Europe.

Sample Essay on French and Indian War

The battle ended inconclusively, with both sides withdrawing from the field. British received Canadian territories during the peace conference of from France as well as Florida that was under the control of Spain.

Treaty of Paris

the North American theatre, the French and Indian War, –63), the French garrisons were surrendered to the British (). Inby the Treaty of Paris, Great Britain acquired jurisdiction over Canada and the French territory east of the Mississippi River except for New Orleans.

Proclamation of 1763, 1763

According to the Treaty of Paris that ended the French and Indian War inA. The British gave France their empire in North America. B. The French gave Great Britain their empire in North America.5/5(2). The American people’s feelings did not remain static and only became stronger.” This thesis does not address the change in ideas that is the focus of the prompt.

• “From toideas about American independence drastically changed as many colonists. The outcome of the French & Indian War presented the British in debt and the French losing ample territory. Both England and France shared an uncertain, dangerous border in Quebec and Montreal and their Indian allies; this was the spark to ignite the war.

The French and Indian War, a colonial manifestation of the same forces and tensions that erupted in the European Seven Years' War, was, quite simply, a war about imperialism. The French and the English were competing for land and trading rights in North America; these strivings resulted in a great.

The French and Indian War () Important People and Places; The French and Indian War () Summary. he returns as a volunteer under British authority. The French and Indian War is where Washington learned how to be a leader.

French and Indian War

Later in American history, it oddly came to symbolize the rugged spirit of the colonials.

An analysis of the topic of the french and indian war in 1763 of the american people
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